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Sunday, January 08, 2006

A Change of Pace (for a change)

I posted this earlier today on "granny" and then decided to put it over here as well. It's an easy way to help with no investment of money and very little investment of time.

It comes from Chicago Sun-Times Quick Takes (of course) who has evidently checked it out before featuring it. I thanked them and Zay Smith wrote me back saying he liked our blog. Wow.

Anyhow, this sounds remarkably simple.


Just click it

All right. The holidays are over, and you are tired of all the charity and giving.

Who wouldn't be?

But there is still a way to help your fellow man (person), so easy that you won't mind doing it even on a gray January day.

Go to the Internet and mark these six sites as favorites:, www.the, www.the lit, www.thechild hea, www.therainforest si and www.theanimal rescue

Each of these sites has corporate sponsors on display that make a donation each time one of us simply clicks a link on the site (one click per fellow man (person) allowed each day).

The Hunger Site announced last week that it provided 52,934,043 cups of food last year.

The Breast Cancer Site provided 5,493 mammograms.

The Literacy Site provided 880,734 books.

QT did the clicking in 33 seconds today.

It will try for 32 seconds tomorrow.



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