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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Let's not forget about Alito

With everything happening at once, let's not forget confirmation hearings will be coming up shortly. This has been moved to the back burner what with Abramoff, DeLay, domestic spying, Patriot Act renewal, and the list goes on.

I don't think we can impeach Bush, much as the idea appeals to me. It's still a Republican congress and even if we could muster the votes to begin the process, I don't think we could be succesful.

We can, however, mitigate the damage. The Presidency is not a lifetime appointment - yet. The Supreme Court is. Do we have the energy for one more battle?

The editorial from today's Boston Globe sums up the opposition quite well.

My senior Senator sits on the Judiciary Committee (the only woman). That should help but she's just one vote. Everyone knows where the junior Senator from California (may she live a thousand years) stands but she's just one vote in the Senate. We need to get the moderate Republican senators on board. That's where all of you in the "red" states can help. Please write letters to your Senators, to your local papers and generally make your voices heard.

We may have a shot while the Republican party is trying to regroup. They must feel like they're being nibbled to death by ducks. Good - let's keep them feeling that way.

Make noise, my friends, lots of noise and pass the word to your fellow bloggers.

Alito will be a disaster.



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