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Saturday, January 14, 2006


Re: Granny's post below; "KOS..." concerning aid and comfort to the enemy confirms my posting of Jan. 11 on the same subject, wherein the President intimates that dissent and criticism of his war policy is treason. We must be vigilant, fellow Americans. Our President has not hesitated to violate the law and the Constitution and the Civil Rights of the people. Will he go so far as to prosecute citizens with a charge of treason because they disagreed with him? Or get a law passed, that if prosecuted would end in climbing upward through appeals and would

would land the accused/convicted's case in the Supreme Court. Who would win? The President or the disagreeing citizen who was prosecuted?
Re: Granny's post "Floods...". Magnificient structures...until we come to the U.S. levees. Shame!
"The Pentagon gives us something to laugh about". I agree that "laughter is the best medicine" and "a merry heart...." But the idea that laughter soothes our stress over loved ones in Iraq is so asinine and stupid that it elicited a snort of derision and maybe a tad of derisive laughter. The Marine Sgt. who fled the seminar in giggles was undoubtedly laughing over the incredible stupidity of it.

I do not think the good Sgt. was soothed by laughing, especially if he had been exposed to the end results of combat. It didn't help me one bit about my grandson over there, on his second tour. Every day bears a certain degree of tenseness. Every news report about a chopper down, x number of military members killed in an attack, fills us with fear and intense worry until his next IM dings on the computer or his next phone call. Sure, the family goes on with their lives, working, socializing, laughing (at amusing things and just in good humor, but never over Gene in Iraq); we go on living. But underneath it all there is that niggling fear, the niggling worry, that underlying stress that eats at us.

Two of our fellow bloggers gave me two good laugh-out-loud moments last night. One from Amsterdam and one from Canada. Poets, both. Thanks, fellows for brightening my evening. You know who you are. I appreciate the belly laugh.
But I still worry about my grandson. Fie on you, Pentagon, for such foolishness.
Julian, most certainly I consider you my friend also. I would hope that all our readers accept me and Granny as their friends, as we do them. Even though we are so widely scattered across the globe, we get to know one another through what we reveal about ourselves in our blogs. Every post we make tells a little about ourselves. I feel that I know some of you better than I know my immediate neighbors.

I have been in this complex for almost 8 years (next month). My neighbor across the hall is always very well dressed, greets me cordially and we exchange pleasantries. But I know nothing about the inner man, what he thinks, what he believes, what he knows...nothing about him at all. If asked, I reply that I know him, he's a very nice man, but in truth I know him not at all.Not like I have come to know many of our online friends in only 6 months.

You are our friends, as we appreciate you.


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