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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fundies Fight State Children's Health Insurance Program

Fundamentalists are rigid and inflexible, one-way (our way or no way), and absolutely determined that they and they alone are right. They tolerate no differences of opinions and any opposition is to be fought tooth and nail. They are descrived as " 'authoritarian, intolerant, and compulsive about imposing itself upon the rest of society. It is a mindset which sees everything in black and white and for which compromise is alien.'"

Tony Perkins writes daily emails to members and all know that his condemnation of any subject is their signal to bombard representatives in Washington. They believe they are fighting a holy war against forces of evil. Fundies are very cozy with our government officials in Washington.
Note Perkins' use of psychological hot button words in his text. The fundies would rather have America's children go without health insurance than to have their favorite no-nos be included in a bill - abortion, contraception, funding for any but abstinence-only sex education.
July 25, 2007 Family Research Council

CHAMP Act or Chumps Act?

Reauthorization of the popular State Children's Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP), which provides little-or no-cost coverage for kids in families with moderately low-incomes, up to 200% of poverty, which is about $40,000 for a family of four (about 18 states go higher than 200% of poverty for subsidized child health care, including New York, whose program subsidizes families up to $82,600 in annual income for a family of four), is quickly winding its way through Congress.

Unfortunately, both the House and the Senate versions would expand spending on the program (at an added cost of $50 billion to taxpayers over five years in the House version). The House version, dubiously titled the CHAMP Act, not only takes taxpayers for chumps but also declares war on pro-life Americans. One reason that S-CHIP has been embraced by some pro-life organizations was that it offered states flexibility on services, allowing them, if they so choose, to exclude controversial "procedures" like abortion or sterilization from the taxpayer-funded program.

The Democrats have offered new language that would force states to pay for "family planning services," meaning abortion and contraceptives for what is billed as a children's health program. To add insult to injury, the House bill also removes abstinence funding. Over on the Senate side the Democrats consciously weakened the existing federal guidelines that defined "child" as beginning at conception. States applying for prenatal services use this regulation to secure vital services for the unborn child. Senate Democrats would rather states avoid the obvious, that the unborn child is in fact a human being, when developing their applications for prenatal care. The increase in dollars and the decrease in pro-life sense put this program at risk. Additional Resources Health insurance program for children at a crossroads in Congress

WA:You generation of vipers. You would put religiosity and political considerations above innocent children imprisoned in poverty and ill health, deny sick little ones health care. Jesus said, "Suffer (allow) the little children to come unto me for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."
He also said, "whatsoever you have done unto the least of have done it unto Me."

The following excerpted from:

So Bono keeps Walking On and very much following Jesus Of Nazareth as he goes. Some will damn him to hell because he swears but when Jesus was separating sheep from goats it was not our language that condemned us; it was what we did with the homeless, the sick and the poor.

'Nursery school' in Thailand. Picture by Andy Baldwin/TearfundStarving Palestinian child. Picture by Andy Baldwin/Tearfund

Granny said...

I read this morning that Mitch McConnell and Trent Lott are leading the charge.

Saturday, July 28, 2007 4:37:00 AM



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