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Friday, October 06, 2006

A Small Glimmer In An Otherwise Disastrous Week

In my mailbox today:

Dear MoveOn member,

In the battle of organized money vs. organized people, regular people just scored a huge victory.

Last Friday, after months of feeling the heat from constituents, the Senate adjourned without passing the horrible bill that would permanently kill Net Neutrality. Together, we dealt a blow to AT&T and Verizon's attempt to control the Internet, and we're well positioned to push a strong Internet freedom agenda in 2007.

But our job's not done. Net Neutrality opponents will try to kill Net Neutrality in the "lame duck" Congress—the period right after the 2006 elections when Congress is most unaccountable. We must act now to keep the pressure up during the election season, and one way is to register thousands of new "Internet freedom voters."

For more on this and to take action, visit



  • At Friday, October 06, 2006 6:20:00 PM , Blogger Ingrid said...

    I'll be working for tomorrow morning here in Austin (we finally have an office) to make calls and get people on board to work to get Congress back. That's saying something from this Independent!


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