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Friday, May 05, 2006

The Mainstream Media Doesn't Get It.

They're highly offended because Stephen Colbert made fun of them along with the Prez at the dinner last week.

Too bad. They show up at the annual dinner all dressed up and expect the usual gentle poking fun at someone who has done more to lead this country to destruction than any President in history. Someone dares to the tell the truth they're afraid to tell and they're offended? Because they're too lazy or whatever to do their jobs? Because they have become an auxiliary of the White House?

Sure there are exceptions. Helen Thomas springs immediately to mind but she can't do the whole job herself and most others have forgotten their primary purpose - to publish the truth and to ask the tough questions (and insist on answers).

Here's a clip from the article. You can click on the entire thing printed in

Like eager employees laughing at the boss’ jokes, the journalists applauded Bush’s own comedy routine, which featured a double who voiced Bush’s private contempt for the news media while the real Bush expressed his insincere respect.
Suck it up folks. Perhaps you should consider it a wakeup call.


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