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Friday, May 05, 2006

May 4, 1970 - Kent State

This day is almost over and I've spent the last few days preoccupied with challenges on my personal home front. I've skimmed email but aside from personal messages, have fallen behind.

I would have missed this anniversary had it not been for Leftist Grandpa who has an excellent post. I've only progressed through the "L's" on Bloglines so others may have it as well.

I was 32 in 1970 and living in Arkansas. I remember being horrorstruck at the senseless massacre. I also remember far too many people who, at first, said those innocent kids deserved what they got.

We must not forget. History does have a way of repeating and our current political climate is a frightening thing.

Incidentally, there was a similar incident at a primarily black college in the south at about the same time. I can't remember the details, it didn't receive the coverage of Kent State, but that doesn't make it less important.

I'll try to find it but if anyone knows without a long search, send us a link, okay?

Update: Never mind - it was far simpler than I thought. The Kent State article in Wikipedia referred back to Jackson State in the same year where two students were killed and twelve injured. Draw your own conclusions about the media coverage. Neither incident should take away from the other and both were inexcusable tragedies.


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