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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I've had two emails already questioning the Uncle Sam and Kommandos post. We know that our readers and friends can not and do not read all of our posts and comments.

So, for your edification on further information that concerns Kvatch's Kommandos, Hilton's Heroes, and Generik's Guerrillas, scroll down the Granny's post of May 02, 2006, "Check It Out" (just a tad below here) , read Kvatch's comment and click on the links in his comment:
*up and down market street
*Generik's Guerrillas
*Hilton's Heroes

Also, Kvatch's link in comments on post "Bring America's Sons and Daughters Home from Iraq ans Afghanistan....."

Great Movement! I'd like to see all bloggers and fellow citizens support these brave men.


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