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Friday, March 03, 2006

Don't Ask - Don't Tell

Not only is the service losing some of its most valuable members under this idiotic policy, the cost for doing so has doubled from the original estimate.

I'm not going to repeat all the numbers from the Veterans for Common Sense report but the actions of the government defy common sense. Their group is aptly named.

These dedicated men and women are translators, doctors, nurses, and some are just soldiers trying to serve their country.

They are not a threat to our national security and they certainly aren't a threat to our troops.

I worry far more about our female personnel being afraid to visit a bathroom at night for fear of rape than I am of these servicemen and women who are being dismissed solely because of their sexual identity.

Worried American sent me this article. I'm posting it for her but if she hadn't done it, I would.

It's a disgrace.


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