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Friday, March 03, 2006

I Think I'll Stay in California Jeb, Thanks Anyway

Anyone want to move to Ave Maria, Florida?

The former owner of Domino's Pizza is building himself a town. No birth control (including condoms) sold in pharmacies, no porn (his definition I suppose), controlled access to cable t.v., and of course no abortion.

Jeb Bush is enthusiastic. I hope the town is prepared to pay for all public service the government would normally provide; otherwise this brainstorm is headed straight for the courts.

In contrast, take a look atTina's post today on Fuzzy and Blue. Thanks Tina.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, not your usual left wing rag, California, the home of nuts and flakes (including me), leads the country in the prevention of teen pregnancy. We are the only state, according to the article, to have refused federal funding tied to the preaching of "abstinence only" sex education in our schools. New York is number five.

In between are three conservative states who have been leading the way in family planning, including affordable access to contraception. Good for them.

It's been an uphill battle in California. I've written before about our local Planned Parenthood controversy. So far the score is PP 2, fundies 0 but they haven't given up. They'll be back and so will we.

I still have one kid with the galloping crud and I think she passed it on to me. Thanks, Elcie.

More later maybe (or maybe I'll pile back into bed when I get the rest of the gang out the door).


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