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Monday, January 19, 2009

What HBO Left Out

I don't know if any of you watched the inaugural concert from the Lincoln Memorial today. I did - twice. The first time around, I wondered what happened to Bishop Eugene Robinson's invocation so I watched the re-run a few hours later. Nope, it still wasn't there.

For any who don't know, Bishop Robinson is the openly gay Episcopal Bishop from New Hampshire.

I then started searching the net and found that, for whatever reason, HBO (who had sole rights of broadcast) decided not to show it. Furthermore, there was a failure in the speaker system so the concert attendees missed most of it too.

here is the Crooks and Liars blog posting. It contains a link to the text of Bishop Robinson's prayer and a link to contact HBO (which I have done).

I'm not saying an invocation should have been a part of the concert or of any other public activity. I am saying that since I'm sure Rick Warren will be heard loud and clear on Tuesday I wonder about HBO's decision. The invocation was a part of the Sunday celebration (which I loved by the way - it even included almost 90 year old Pete Seeger) and should have been included.

Or so I think.

P. S. I wondered who that male choir was. HBO didn't bother to tell us it was the Washington DC Gay Men's Chorus. They had shown the names of most of the other participants.

P. S. - again. I should have kept this as a draft until morning. I keep finding more info.

Here from Joe.My.God is another explanation. According to his sources, the fault lay more with the Obama transition team's deciding to include the invocation as part of the pre-concert program and therefore it was not televised.

If that's true, heads should roll somewhere. His talk had been promoted for at least a couple of weeks and I think most of us thought it would be televised.

Blogger fkm said...

Democracy Now played Robinson's talk.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 7:58:00 PM


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