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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What a Relief - I'm Not Insane After All

I was browsing through a book at Barnes & Noble today and ran across a poem I'd never seen before. (Sometimes my education is sorely lacking). It struck a chord immediately and I should have copied at least the first line so I could find it again.

I returned home, turned on CNN, and John McCain was speaking; once again about the success of the surge and the war in general. He calls those of us who oppose it naive which is a little more courteous than calling us insane I suppose, but the general idea is the same.

The first thing I thought of (after I turned the t.v. back off) was the poem I'd just read. I couldn't remember how it started and google was no help at all. Finally I remembered I own a copy of Bartlett's. Took me about a minute to find it and then it was easy to find on the net along with several essays and study guides which I didn't read. I'd rather stay with my own feelings than have something I like dissected to death.

Here it is, saying a lot in a very few words which is typical of the poet.

Much Madness is divinest Sense --
To a discerning Eye --
Much Sense -- the starkest Madness --
'Tis the Majority
In this, as All, prevail --
Assent -- and you are sane --
Demur -- you're straightway dangerous --
And handled with a Chain --

Emily Dickenson (around 1


  • At Wednesday, March 26, 2008 2:42:00 AM , Blogger The Future Was Yesterday said...

    He calls those of us who oppose it naive which is a little more courteous than calling us insane I suppose

    I would call anyone who disagrees with that poem insane! That was beautiful, needed, and much thanks!!!

  • At Wednesday, March 26, 2008 7:46:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hello, Granny.
    With all due respect, I feel inclined to say...

    First of all, that, with political reconciliation is the stated objective, an occupation of twelve years is unlikely to achieve a result to be considered victorious.

    Secondly, that roughly twice as many troops should have been sent in the first place; and so the increase appears to produce a desired result.

    And thirdly, that mismanagement of the war exist on several particulars, the least of which might be considered the troop levels. It is widely known that squirrels do not build nests suitable for eagles, and yet this is the very philosophy underlying the prosecution of the Iraq War.
    At the end of the day, a chicken is still a much different thing from an egg.

  • At Wednesday, March 26, 2008 10:20:00 PM , Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

    Remember (as I seem to quote so often): “All societies venerate their live conformists and dead prophets.”

  • At Thursday, March 27, 2008 2:54:00 AM , Blogger enigma4ever said...

    Funny how one finds a poem that is so prophetic....there are Fools through the ages...and Emily was wise beyond her years...

    Wisdom is everlasting....ageless....

    and you were wise to share it...


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