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Friday, August 10, 2007


Granny has posted on environmental issues several times this past week or so. In a similar vein, I have posted "Re: Post Below" and "New Revelations Of Criminal Stupidity", published below Granny's post "Another Plea for Impeachment" immediately below. Her article points up some of the points I brought out in posts mentioned above. Please read her post. It is IMPORTANT!

Impeachment is of immediate concern. Too many people think to just wait for the election and vote them out of office. WRONG! The 2004 election was stolen by nefarious means; another can be stolen also. And there may not even be an election. If an emergency arises - such as a real or manufactured terror attack - Bush has the power and authority to cancel elections for security purposes and even declare martial law which would effectively limit or eliminate citizen dissent. In that case, friends, we are totally shafted.

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And CHENEY TOO! Then try to root out all the Neocon poisonous vipers left in government positions.

Waxman Says He Will Keep An Open Mind On Impeachment


By Marcy Winograd

Congressman Waxman, Chair of the House Oversight Committee, told an impeachment delegation meeting with him in his Los Angeles office, Tues., Aug. 7, 2007, that he would mull over his constituents' articulate arguments, watch the Bill Moyers' interview on impeachment, and weigh whether there was sufficient evidence to, not just impeach, but convict Bush and Cheney.


While only six months ago, Congressman Waxman ruled out impeachment, this time he indicated he would go forward with an open mind, all the while praising participants for their passion and urging them to lobby the members of the House Judiciary Committee.


Bombard Waxman!



Our Job

Excerpt:We need to pressure the House Judiciary Committee to get started. Here is a list of members. Please contact your representative and ask them to get the ball rolling. Once the impeachment process starts, it is important that we continue to support our representatives all the way through.

List of Judiciary Committee Members with website and contact info.

Here are some tips on how to email these Republican committee members.


Bombard your reps plus the Judiciary Committee Members. Keep their feet to the fire.


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Granny's Post:

Another Plea for Impeachment
below. Time is running out. Please read!
enigma4ever said...

done...thank you for this reminder...IMPEACH the bastards ;;;;all of them

Monday, August 13, 2007 2:07:00 AM

RIGHT ON! Enigma!



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