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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Revamping the Blog

Recent visitors will have noted a change to this blog. It may be temporary, depending upon personal opinions of blog owner after it has a trial run.

When this blog was first created, I wanted to have a forum set up, wherein visitors' comments were published below the posts. However I did not know how to do that and still don't.

At present during this trial run, pertinent comments will be published as posts. Your viewpoints, pro or con, are welcomed. Please feel free to comment as you desire, either briefly or at length.

addendum: Although my partner, Granny Ann of Roc Rebel Granny, and I share many common opinions, I want to stress that I am solely responsible for my personal viewpoints expressed on this blog. If you find them objectionable, do not blame Granny.

Adjust feed to title in orange bar.

Worried American

So far I am pleased with the changed format, although my partner has yet to offer an opinion, which she will I am sure as soon as she has time to evaluate it.

Our reader comments are instructive and offer ideas for further exploration. Your input is valuable for readers who want to be in the know.



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