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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Support for Our Peace Activists

Re: "Freeway Bloggers for Peace" and "Our Marty On The Homefront" posts below.

Comments by Granny and Marty. Each movement, including Spadoman's, is growing. I hope they snowball into an avalanche.


Granny said...
We had a special vigil on Monday in addition to our usual Friday nights.I've been doing the vigils (off and on as time permits) for a while now. I noticed on Monday that our support from passersby has at least tripled and there was only one sour note.People are waking up? This is a conservative city, not San Francisco.
Wednesday, March 21, 2007 6:21:00 AM

Marty said...
We have had an outpouring of support in Pasadena. It is absolutely incredible. Many people have come out to search for family members and friends who were killed in Iraq. When they are found we tie a yellow ribbon around the flag. Several with family members in the military have expressed an interest in joining Military Families Speak Out. This memorial is a labor of love and the Pasadena residents have recognized that and opened their hearts to us.
Thursday, March 22, 2007 11:57:00 PM

[WA: The little flags arranged at the Memorial bore the name and other pertinent information for each military casualty. See photos and articles in below post, "Our Marty...".

I understand the people searching for their loved one's flag. When the Traveling Wall used to come to Houston my family always attended every day, and we would search for the names of those dear to us whose names were on the Wall ( the miniature replica of The Wall in Washington honoring the casualties in the Vietnam War). Only daughter Jo and her husband Lloyd (a Vietnam veteran) were able to attend the dedication of the Wall in Washington; the rest of us could not but we flocked to see the Traveling Wall and attend the ceremonies each time it came here. We'd join the candlelight vigils and put flowers and gifts at the base of the wall where our loved ones names were inscribed. Daughter Wild Child always took her gigantic POW flag and vowed the POWs would not be forgotten.

Somehow it is very important to the grief stricken to see their loved ones remembered, even by names on a wall or on little flags. To know that that dear one, so important and precious to the grieving, is not just written off and forgotten. A celebrity like Anna Nichole dies and the media has reams and hours of publicity about it. A soldier dies on behalf of his country and maybe it makes a brief article in the hometown paper.
Marty and her friends did a good work on behalf of the deceased and the families. ]

Granny, can you post here some photos of some of your vigils? Didn't you and the girls make the paper one time?

More on our peace activists and how support is growing: has photos and good texts. also has photos and good texts

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  • At Sunday, March 25, 2007 1:11:00 AM , Blogger Granny said...

    WA, the local reporter was there and stayed through most of it. He took a lot of pictures and talked to my girls for the longest time.

    The paper didn't carry it or if it did I couldn't find it. Possibly it's because we do the weekly vigil and they've given it a lot of coverage. He may not have realized this one was special.

    And scatterbrained Ann forgot to bring her own digital camera. Duh.


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