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Saturday, October 07, 2006

National Coming Out Day - October 11, 2006

Each local PFLAG was asked by national to write something for our local paper about a "coming out" day for our allies.

I just sent ours off - have no idea if they'll print it or not.

In case anyone would like additional info from PFLAG, here's what I said:

In 1986, my son came out to me as gay. He was 14. For us there was
no trauma and certainly no rejection. He's my youngest child and I
love him, as I love my other children, with every breath in my body.

Our entire family has supported him ever since. We've watched as he's
faced rejection and heard the slurs directed at him. At times, we've
feared for his safety in a country where every child should be safe.
He's faced his detractors
bravely, he lives his life decently and honestly, and I'm proud to
call him my son. We're a close, united family; something I
would wish for all families. For us, those are the true family values.

On October 11, Americans everywhere will observe National Coming Out
Day, an occasion to do the same thing my son did when he came out to
me. This year, however, I'd like to see a new kind of coming out –
one that involves coming out as a straight ally for our gay, lesbian,
bisexual and transgender (GLBT) friends and loved ones.

Coming out as an ally has its own unique challenges – all of which
take courage to overcome. On October 11, Parents, Families
and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) and the Human Rights Campaign
(HRC) is releasing A Straight Guide to GLBT Americans. It
encourages all of us to "talk about it" when it comes to having
conversations about the need for our loved ones to live openly so that
we can collectively support equality at home, in the workplace, and in
our communities every day.

The guide can be downloaded at no charge (on or after October 11) by
visiting the PFLAG website ( and the HRC website
( Coming out – either
as GLBT or an ally – should happen more than once each year, but for
2006, October 11 is a good time to start.

For local information, PFLAG may be reached at Note from Ann: omitted here - we don't need crank calls from some online troll). If they want the number, they'll have to do the footwork.

Ann Adams
PFLAG Merced



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