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Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Christian Right Lunatics: More on their methods and agendas

I am a Christian and try to follow Christ's teachings, which is basically what being Christian means. I have never been able to understand the RR and their ilk's assertion that homosexuality undermines or destroys the family nor how homosexual marriage destroys marriage. I asked a ultra conservative Christian, "If my gay friends Tony and Billie married, how would that weaken the holy bonds of matrimony you and your husbnad share? How would that destroy your marriage?" She was flabbergasted, stuttered and stammered and finally admitted it would not damage their marriage at all. Nor can I see how teaching children not to hate those who are different destroys the family. Get real!
Recent post on Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council email news letter, an organization founded by the infamous James Dobson and of which Tony Perkins is now president. See how he subtly shapes the thinking of the Christian Right congregants:
Not a Happy Valley for All

A Penn State University English professor, Mel Seesholtz, launched an online *attack against the Capitol Resource Institute, a pro-family group from Sacramento, California; Focus on the Family; Joseph Farah (WorldNetDaily); D. James Kennedy; and others. All stand accused of making false claims about California's recently vetoed SB 1437, "The Bias Free Curriculum Act."

SB 1437 was an *Orwellian bill mandating that schoolchildren be *brainwashed about homosexuality, transsexuality, and bisexuality *without parental consent. Even California's newest political *"girlie man" - Governor Schwarzenegger - thought this was too much and vetoed the bill. This sent poor Professor Seesholtz into orbit. Most troubling about his *diatribe is its conclusion: "A very wise woman recently asked me 'Who will rid us of the evil lunatics?' We will. We must. Public education and a civil, civilized society depend upon it."

"Rid" doesn't sound particularly peaceful or tolerant to us. Looking at his website one learns of his new course: "Religion in American Life and Thought." Must reading will probably be his recent article, "Out of Focus on the Family: A Response to Arguments against Same-Sex Marriage" or "America's New McCarthyism: Homosexual Stereotypes, Myths, and the Politics of Fear."

If Seesholtz wants to attack Christians, let him get a soapbox not paid for by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He might also investigate whether or not his taxpayer funded benefits include anger management therapy. Additional Resources Kill the Christians Order Your Copy Now Homosexuality In Your Child's School
[ WA:college professors are not allowed to voice opinions re: curricula?]
Before we go on to "Kill the Christians", let's see what Professor Mel Seesholtz said and if he truly advocated killing the Christians or "getting rid" of the theocratic Religious Rightists who dominate the Republican Party:

Schwarznegger Caves to Bullies and Bigots in Vetoing Bias Free Curriculum Act

I am a Christian, although NOT a RR, CC, nor CR. I do not advocate "killing" Christians of any sect (nor other religious or non-religious peoples), but I DO advocate getting these extremists OUT of our government.

Now, on to the "Killing Christians" deceitful, brainwashing techniques of these people phrased to lead the faithful astray:
Kill the Christians

If you read Professor Seesholtz's article, did you interpret his remarks to mean "kill" the Christians? What bunch of so-called Christians are advocating killing people, even Christians who disagree with them? It isn't the professor.

More information on the "Christian" Taliban:

Theocrats or Theofascists?

Some are long articles but good sources for those who want to "know thine enemy", and understand how they garner millions of followers (read that "voters", also). They accuse dissenters of many of the same offenses and methods they use.
The Last Defenders of Marriage


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