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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Discrimination in the Workplace

Silly me. I thought the Civil Rights Act of 1964, by including women at the last minute before the Act was passed, would have eliminated the type of discrimination in hiring taking place in Pennsylvania (and other states).

They're getting away with asking women about their marital status, number of children, whether they plan a family, and other personal information. They've refused to hire women based on the answers to these questions. As far as I know, the same questions aren't asked of men. Well of course they aren't!!

The last time I looked, the states were allowed to go beyond Federal requirements. They weren't allowed to do less than Federal law allowed. How is Pennsylvania getting away with this?

On a related issue, A friend of mine applied for a position at a national motel chain and received an employement application asking questions about her religious beliefs. I told her she should have reported them on the spot.

I digress.

The link is to a Moms' Rising petition to bring a stop to these practices. A more complete story is here in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. I believe at least one of the links will take you a table of the laws state by state and how they affect women and minorities. I looked at it yesterday and was pleased to see my state of California was not only in compliance across the board but was ahead of the Federal government in some areas.

I'd appreciate your help dragging Pennsylvania and the other reluctant states into at least the 20th Century if not this one.



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