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Thursday, May 11, 2006

I'd Change My Cell Phone Provider

but it probably wouldn't make any difference at this point. ATT, Bell South and Verizon have turned over records to the government. No one is taping the actual calls yet (or so they say and we all know how dedicated they are to the truth) but they can trace calls to and from 200,000,000 phones, including mine.

Consortium News has the whole story including the rationalizations of our leader. It's not intended for ordinary people, he says. So who's ordinary? WA and I with our blog? My friends with their signs and candles every Friday here in Merced? Is anyone ordinary if some secret committee somewhere decides they're not?

I know that according to the laws of the land and the Constitution I should have nothing to fear. We all know how much that reassurance is worth these days.

Here's USA Today reprinted in Truthout.

And here is an action request from Democracy Now.


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