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Sunday, April 30, 2006

I have no idea what happened to so many urls on these posts. They worked fine when I wrote the posts; now most of them come up with "page cannot be found." I have been getting that a lot lately, especially on hot button articles. My computer messing up, or what?? I will try to re-access the articles and see if I can fix it. ]

The more radical and militant of the groups seem to be the Mexica Movement. They are the ones that want to take over the Continental United States and Canada (and include Central America), claiming that historically (???-whose history???) all of these areas were their empire and all the indigenous peoples of these areas were of their Aztec race before the white men came and stole it from them, robbing them of its riches and wealth of resources. They rave about the rape of their women and the racial purity of their DNA being contaminated by the inferior(?) DNA of the whites. They claim a history of 40,000 years in these lands. They claim it is theirs -all of it- and they want it back.

Their version of history is so twisted, distorted and outright fabricated it would be laughable except for the fact they are being allowed to disseminate it in the colleges and schools, and they
are teaching it to an ever growing audience of believers, thus winning adherents to their cause, including many ignorant (of the facts) whites who are deceived by their rabid, faulty rhetoric.
It is indeed a fact that the indigenous peoples of these continents were robbed, raped, maltreated, their culture destroyed, their "books' burned, leaders massacreed, enslaved and decimated.

However, the Aztec "empire" consisted of only a small fraction of the present Mexican nation. Other city-states were independent and not under their dominion, and the north American and Canadian tribes most assuredly were not Aztec and certainly not a part of their "empire". Although there were trade routes between some of the tribes and other areas, it is very probable that most tribespeople were completely unaware that the Aztecs even existed, far less be members of their "empire".

There is some archeological evidence that the Aztecs did make an incursion into the 4 corners area of the southwest and establish dominion over the Anasazi and Zuni peoples, who were not Aztec but were a separate and independent people. That situation came to an end long before the white man came. The Anasazi and Zuni dispersed, went into hiding, apparently not fond of their conquerors. The Zuni today vehemently deny any racial mix with the invaders, refusing to accept any ancestral ties to those who robbed, raped, decimated and destroyed their culture.

I have more rebuttals to their claims of history but will not go into them at this time. I will later, if disputes arise.

The following is a part of the Mexica websites and delivers the most comprehensive coverage of their assertions and goals. It is, in fact, an online book but I urge you to peruse as much as you can stand, or at least skim through the chapters. Do not take these people lightly. Note that although it gives lip service to peace and non-prejudice towards whites, it is riddled with repetitious inflammatory remarks. Constant iteration and reiteration of a lie or a phrase is a proven tactic to brainwash people. (Ask Bush - he tries it over and over - and still uses the buzz words 9/11 in virtually every speech)

WELCOME TO THE MEXICA MOVEMENT To read book, scroll down. home page. protect our people. They call anyone who opposes them "racist", no matter the motivation of the opposer. This tactic places opposition in the position of being an evil person, designed to make the opposition retreat and to prejudice the minds of others against the opponent. It draws attention away from the issues and diverts attention to the vileness of the so-called "racism". All too often it is effective; people retreat and submit in order not to be labeled racist, and the activist wins.

The Second Mexican War:
Invasion of America with conquest as the goal.

Illegal Immigration Leads to Canada/US/Mexico merge:

You think our government would not allow such a thing? It is part of the globalist, one world government agenda, plus it offers an unending supply of low wage earners to benefit employers.
Ask yourself: WHO IS FUNDING THESE DEMONSTRATIONS?? It is very costly to put on such a show. The logistics of assembling and organizing such a mass of people is incredible. This is NO GRASSROOTS affair.


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