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Sunday, April 30, 2006


I write this post with some misgivings, as I am well aware that it is the practise of many people to instantly respond to the slightest negativity towards a minority group by aggressive personal attack, shrieking "RACIST" instead of discussing the issues in a rational manner. I am no less sensitive to the epithet than any other person, but I feel that I must speak out on certain issues that threaten our nation. If I must be showered with curses and epithets, so be it.

This post is not about race, excepting the fact that the participants of the issue happen to be Mexican. I would have the same attitude if they were French or German or British or whatever. It is about illegal immigration only peripherally, although I do personally disapprove of ILLEGAL immigration.

Recently we had a bit of a set-to with a Blogger named Action Now, who writes an anti-immigrant blog. I agreed with SOME of the articles she posted, regarding various issues, but strongly disapproved of her comments on her posts as virulently racist. I would not comment on her posts as I did not want this Blog, Granny or me to be linked with a racist publication and be tarred with the same stinking brush. And stink it does; racism stinks. I corresponded a little with Action Now, trying to convince her that her blog would have more impact regarding the issues involved if she eliminated her vicious comments. Granny and I both tried to give her advice and encouragement, and I even sent her a few pertinent articles.

I am not a racist, nor is my blog partner Granny. I think we have made that abundantly clear concerning African Americans and the same holds true for any other race. I don't know about Granny but in addition to having family members who are black/white biracial, I have numerous family members who are hispanic/anglo mixes. A number of my relatives from Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona are married to Hispanics or Native Americans or mixes thereof. One of my cousins has adopted 4 lovely Hispanic children and those little ones proudly carry on our old Family ancestral names.

On my maternal grandmother's side of the family, our clan bears Native American ancestry, of which we are very proud. In the amazing manner of genes, the physical Cherokee traits still crop up in spite of the caucasian input to the gene pool. When I spend time in the sun, I tan as darkly as any Cherokee (or Hispanic) ever hoped to be. And racially, what are Mexicans but native meso-Americans and Euro mixes? I am not biased racially without being biased against my own family and heritage.

We Americans as a whole tend to view the Mexican illegal immigrants with compassion and tolerance, and we judge them by the standards of the previous generations of immigrants. I still hear people refer to them as "humble". They are hard working, good parents, and "take jobs no one else wants". That may have been true of past generations; that has changed in recent years.

But we are dealing with a new breed of illegal immigrants now. True, some may be like the old timers, but all too many are of the new breed and they are converting not only the old-style new immigrants but also the long term illegals and the hispanic-Americans. It is a growing movement. And it is not in America's best interests; it is not in Euro-descent American's best interests.

Some mainstream news media and journalists report that these mass demonstrations by the illegals and their supporters are spontaneous, grass roots rallies. That is patently untrue. The activists met in January to plan these uprisings and they were carefully coordinated and orchestrated. Is anyone really naive enough to believe that each one of thse 500,000 + demonstrators nation wide just arose one morning and said, "I think I'll go downtown today and protest."

The demonstrations were planned, heavily funded (by whom??) and activists - lots of them - mobilized the people. They met to paint all those signs you saw the people waving. They bussed in numbers of demonstrators. They coached the people on where to go, what to do, what to say. They set up podiums and speaker systems and organized speakers to address the crowds. I do not know who furnished all the Mexican flags the people were waving but after there was so much public indignation about them claiming to want to be Americans and yet waving foreign flags, the activist organizations furnished the American flags they waved in the next rally. And coached them to fervently avow they wanted to be citizens. Bearing foreign flags clearly shows where their priorities are. Many businesses sport Mexican flags and even one Houston public school flies the Mexican flag along with the US and Texas flags!!

To further that deception, they have translated the Star Spangled Banner into Spanish and now are playing that version on the airwaves. That ticked off a lot of citizens but the fact that they REWROTE the second verse with self serving lines, after they changed words on the first verse. If these folk truly wanted to become citizens, not just voters, they would LEARN the words, and learn the Pledge of Allegiance like previous immigrants did.

They want to be citizens, but not citizens of the U.S.A. as we know it. They want to be citizens of Aztlan. They want to be citizens of the United Pan American States of Central America, the USA and Canada. Some want to get rid of the gringos (that's us white folks); some want to deport us back to Europe, much as some anti-blacks at one time wanted to deport all the blacks back to Africa. But all of the new breed claim and want our part of the continent for themselves.


Note from Ann:

The links to News With Views do not work; however, this link should take you to their home page and the Table of Contents.


We Have Got to Eliminate the Gringos:">
Devvy Kidd
They are instigated (no doubt by agitators), aided and abetted by President Fox and by the globalist parties, including our own fearless President and his masters. The leaders probably envision themselves as powerful political bosses in the new regime, and some are already in political positions.: more campaign for office.The rank and file will undoubtedly remain low paid peons, exploited by their countrymen as badly as does the gringo.They will be labor-fodder, just as they are now. Their only value at present is numbers and as voters.


Below is one of the websites of the Nation of Aztlan. They are not only anti-white but anti-semite.
I am not fond of the Zionist party but I deplore anti-semitism. A political party is not the same as the race of people. In most of their articles they refer to Zionists but in some they specifically denounce the Jews. At present they do not advocate violence against white people but warn "yet" and do advocate "by any means necessary". To me, this seems to indicate future plans to achieve their goals by violent overthrow if it becomes necessary. At present, the plan appears to be to overwhelm us by sheer numbers, defeat us at the voting booth by electing their own and getting laws passed to benefit their agendas.

The Nation of Aztlan in their own words: As you can see in the following video this group "only" wants Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California for themselves. This video was filmed during one of the recent demonstrations. Please note the identity of the speakers. Both groups preach a twisted, erroneous version of history, and like any good lie include sufficient truths to convince people the entire tale is true. They also speak in manners to arouse the people.

Video follows photos below.


  • At Monday, May 01, 2006 1:03:00 AM , Blogger David Cho said...

    I have seen all this back in my college years. The student organization called Mecha talked of taking back California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas to the nation of Aztlan, and back then it was just a bunch of college kids mouthing off.

    I asked them point blank what they were going to do with blacks and Asians (no doubt about what they wanted to do with whites), and each person's answer was different. I think I was to get on with the program so they would remember me kindly during "purging."

    Having said that, I am not sure if this radical agenda is on the minds of the majority of Hispanics. And to be honest with you, when I compare second and third generation Mexicans with their Asian counterparts, I find that people of Mexican decent are much more assimilated socially than Asians. For example, when you step into a typical Evangelical church around here, you will see quite a few Hispanic faces even though the surrounding community may be more Asian than Hispanic. Second and third generation Asians go to their own ethnic churches which I blogged about here.


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