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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Untied: Polygamy will become legal - An issue different from the usual politics

Polygamy may become legal in 20 years? A subject for discussion.
Well, now. If polygamy becomes legal, will they limit the number of wives a man may wed? Islam in most Muslim nations limit it to 5, although a few have other numbers. So how many would the US say is legal? And would a financial evaluation be required to prove the intended groom could support addditional wives and subsequent children? (I saw a documentary where a Mormon man had numerous wives and 27 kids - all on state welfare. Illegal plural marriages, ofcourse but some do still practise it. ) It would not be fair to taxpayers to have to support the results of uncontrolled breeding.  It happens now, especially with people who bear large numbers of children. But Bush is making more and more cutbacks on welfare, so perhaps in 20 years there would be no subsidized state support.
And what about women's equal rights? Would it be made legal for women to also practise polyandry?  Actually, polyandry makes more sense than polygamy. Several husbands can support a large family household much better than one husband could.
Polyandry is also historical in some societies.
Carry this a little further. If polygamy and polyandry become legal, will the proponents of expanded menage a trois or group marriages then demand equal rights? There are today some people who form family units of several women and men in a multiple marriage relationship, without legal sanction.
.But there is this: If in 20 years or so the Christian Reconstructionists and the RR have attained the governmental power they aim for, polyandry would not be a consideration, as women would once again be relegated to house and home, scarcely more than chattel. As the CRs' goal is to return to Old Testament law, I suppose polygamy and even concubines could be allowed, as it was in ancient Biblical times.


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