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Sunday, March 05, 2006


Our administration does wrong, commits crimes, now wants to prosecute those who revealed their crimes. See Granny's post below.

President Bushitler can make laws covering ANYTHING as classified. And any act as treasonable, which is, may I constantly remind everyone, punishable by DEATH.

The international press, including non-embedded US press, has been targeted for death by the Bush Administration, through Pentagon avenues. Mindful of the effect of uncensored press reports, or reports not guided by the White House via Pentagon, on the American people (as demonstrated during the Vietnam War; when people saw the war, the dead, wounded and dying beamed into their living room in living color, the outcry against the war became deafening) Bush & Co. allowed only "embedded" reporters in Iraq. Foreign and unembedded, independent reporters and journalists were harassed and even murdered. Don't believe it? Check out Mar.1 posting "IFJ REPORT ON SAFETY OF JOURNALISTS AND KILLING OF MEDIA" on This Is War( ), there are several urls on reports from 2003 to 2006. Click on the url for "Yes, The Pentagon Murders Journalists. " Bush and Blair are heads together on muzzling the press. Note "Blair prosecutes whistleblowers and threatens journalists" and "In Bush law, speaking unpleasant truths means "being with the 'terrorists'." Sound familiar?

And who are the "Fifth Columnists" for whom the Detention Centers are being built? If dissent is labeled treason or loyalty to the enemy, where does that place all the dissenting bloggers and other citizens who disapprove of Bush's Hitleresque, Stalinesque, Pol Poltesque, Aminesque, etc. tactics and policies?


As I said before, some of Bush supporters are wavering a little. It is time to put pressure on them between now and the coming elections. We must push and PUSH HARD!!

Most people subscribe only to mainstream media sources, or just watch the sound bites on TV that are spoon fed them. They haven't a clue as to what is really happening to our country. They believe the Bush propaganda and trust Washington to take good care of the nation. We can depend only on independent publications and journalists for the truth, until they too are silenced. It is up to those of us who know the truth to educate our friends, family and neighbors, turn them on to independent publications, face them down with facts.

I know it's difficult. Beloved members of my own family are devoted Bushies and they think I'm merely being cynical and paranoid, or that I harbor a personal dislike of Bush. They are the "sound-bite" consumers and know nothing except those Bush bites and the poison spewed by that evil Pat Robertson on the 700 club. My mother has voted all of her adult 96 years but never had the vaguest idea about political realities; she just voted the way her church recommended. Until Bush. Touted by her church and Robertson (she's an avid watcher of the 700 club) she believes all the family values, etc. line of propaganda and for the first time in her life made a SCRAPBOOK OF BUSH!! All hail God's anointed. AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!

But I keep trying, feeding them bits and pieces as I know that too much at one time will gag them and they'll spew it out. Citizens must learn, they must know or we're all damned and our
nation, our children's future is damned.


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