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Sunday, January 01, 2006


Jan.1, 2006

First of all, I urge readers to check out the posting below by Granny, December 31, 2005. Click on the title "From the Village Voice...." as a link to the article. It is information pertinent to, even critical for, all Americans. People innocent of wrong doing may naively think it doesn't apply to them. Incorrect ! Innocence has no bearing on suspicions of wrong doing and subsequent investigations, and no bearing on treatment when the checks, balances and protections afforded by the Law are Presidental orders, giving the minions of the State free rein to do as they wish.

History repeats itself. Events cast their shadow before them. People who forget their history are doomed to repeat it. A problem with repeats, history forgotten, shadows of coming events ignored is that subsequent occurences are usually worse than the precursors.

One of the few advantages of being old is being able to remember first hand the events of the past, not the dry facts (sometimes skewed, especially by the Revisionists) of the history books, but the living experiences of the generation who suffered those events. My Mother is just a few years short of the century mark and has seen America's history unfold from the Model T Ford era of her youth to the present day of men walking on the moon, space probes sent to distant planets, and the Hubble telescope recording pictures and data from the distant reaches of the Universe. I was born during the Great Depression and not only heard the past history as related by my parents and grandparents, but lived through World War II, the Joseph McCarthy communist witch hunts, the Hoover/FBI days and all between and since.

There is much to be proud of in America's history, but there are shameful periods also. It is the duty and responsibility of every American to act to assure that prideful practises prevail and shameful practises are nipped in the bud. The quality of life for our present and future generations depend on it and we fail them if we allow our nation to degenerate into a tyrannical
system of government and despotic oppression of the citizens.

I further urge readers to research the history of Hoover's reign as head of the FBI, how he kept files on ordinary Americans of all aspects of their private lives. These files contained records of petty gossip and unsubstantiated reports made by spiteful or vengeful associates. Research the history of the Communist witch hunts and the ruination of many innocent American lives. You think these things couldn't happen today? Check your headlines and news reports for the tip of the iceberg of what is going on now.

Experts who study the practise of terror, intimidation, and coercion as a means of extracting information and cooperation from victims report that it is largely useless. Terrified, agonized victims will often tell their tormenters anything they want to hear, regardless of truth.

Is America becoming a Nazi Germany? Are concentration camps and work camps coming? Do we forget the shadow that event cast before it? We have had concentration camps - for innocent American citizens whose only crime was being of Japanese ancestry and the SUSPICION that they MIGHT have loyalties to Japan.

Is America becoming a Soviet Union? What will be our version of the salt mines? Years of imprisionment without conviction?

Are we becoming the new Pol Pot? America could never have killing fields. Could we?

Can America become a theocracy? The Reconstructionist movement is growing internationally. Can we be arrested and even executed for believing in an unapproved state religion? For premarital sex? Adultry? Disobedience to male spousal, parental, or other authority? For our sexual orientation?

Which arm of the State is or will be our very own Gestapo? KGB?

Can't happen here? As our government seizes more and greater power, as our Civil Rights are eroded more and more, as our Constitution is "reinterpreted", humanitarian rules are deemed archaic, as our laws are ignored and the courts and Congress regarded as "constraints", why can't it happen? It CAN, unless the American people rouse from their apathy and take action!

Wake up, America ! AMERICA IS BURNING!!



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