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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Our heads are where?

Hi anonymous.

My late husband used to say someone had their head so far up their butt, they needed a glass belly button to see where they were going.

I'm delighted to see four commenters on the same post. "Worried" and I have been sure we were talking only to ourselves.

I responded to Drew and Elizabeth on their blogs. Bohemian and I already know each other.

I can't speak for Worried but I was calling our fearless leader many things stronger than King George long before 9/11 and long before this country was foolish to elect him to any public office. I couldn't believe we could be that stupid; not once but twice. (And that's not even counting Texas which I couldn't do a thing about from California.)

I try to pick something from time to time that seems interesting. When I see an article from a conservative publication or politician which is critical of the current Administration, I'm more apt to print it here than something we've all read ten other places.

When both Bob Barr and the NRA oppose the Patriot Act, I'm interested.

When Republicans jump the fence, I'm more than interested.

When Barrons is concerned, I'm overjoyed.

I wish I had more time; I'd write much more personal opinion and do less copy and paste. It's not my style to be snarky or to play" can you top this" on the political blogs although I do read the big ones. I wonder how people who spend that much time talking to each other actually accomplish anything except talking to each other. However, I'm not shy about expressing my opinions here, on my other blog, or publicly.

I'd rather be out each Friday night with my little candle, my three great-granddaughters, and my peace sign. I'd rather be writing letters to the editor, to my Congresspeople, and to anyone else who might be in a position to effect change. I'd rather be trying to support Planned Parenthood and our new PFLAG group locally. We have several local environmental issues which require action. City Council meetings, the Board of Supervisors, and our local group all eat up time.

In the meantime, I try to keep up with this, with my own personal blog, and with the three great-grandkids I'm raising.

I hope all of you come back. I'd love to see any of you on my other blog as well. The link on my user name (on the side bar under contributors) will take you to both.

Again, my best wishes for you and yours in 2006.

Ann Adams (granny)



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