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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I recently watched a documentary about new high-tech instruments of war being developed by our nation. The report did not give a cost factor of these developments but it is obvious to any person even marginally aware of the expense that it runs into many billions of dollars.

Add these expenses to the billions spent and being spent on waging our current wars and the total is undoubtedly astronomical, mind boggling, a total so large it is impossible to fully grasp in terms of dollars and cents. (At this time we will not go into the human cost of dead and maimed, destroyed homes, businesses, a people's infrastructure, disrupted lives, an incalculable cost).

One cannot think of these massive expenditures of our tax dollars without considering how these hundreds of billions could be spent to the betterment of our people and humanity in general. And wonder -- what are our leaders thinking of?? They were elected to represent the will of the people. Is it the will of the majority of Americans to wage war, to force our political system upon other nations, to bring death, waste and destruction upon other people, to deprive America's most vulnerable citizens of basic needs, to pamper the rich and mega-businesses at the expense of our poor and our work force???

Is it the will of the majority of Americans that our nation engage in heinous practises and violations of every principle of human rights, to additionally violate the Constitution on the grounds of expediency. In short, to violate every principle upon which this nation is founded and which we have always condemned and abhorred when practised by other nations. Violations after violations. Is it the will of the majority of Americans that we be presented to the world as a people with no honor, no truth, no scruples, no decency, no humanity?

Does anyone remember Pogo and his friends? "We have met the enemy and he is us". Never has this been so true as at the present time.

What can we do? is a question I hear. Remember, "I'm mad as hell and I ain't gonna take it any more!" Get mad, raise hell, deliver an overpowering flood of mail to your elected leaders, hold vigils, demonstrations and marches (peaceful, ofcourse), get the media involved (any that aren't lap dogs of certain powers-that-be). Do SOMETHING!!

Wake up, America. Our nation is going to hell in a handbasket. AMERICA IS BURNING!! Will we do as Nero is alleged tohave done---fiddle while Rome burns? Will we whine and complain and pule while AMERICA GOES DOWN IN FLAMES?

Bloggers blog their discontent and rage, voices crying in the wilderness, as I am fond of saying. Pollsters love to poll a number of citizens and use that percentage to calculate the nation's views. Well, poll the bloggers!! Calculate THAT percentage. Washington, you had better listen to the masses. No matter that you, as the elite, think you know better than the great unwashed, remember what happened to other great elites when the masses rose against them.

Too bad we do not have a guillotine, perhaps not to use but to scare the "elite" into doing what they were elected to do---represent the will of the people. Imagine a fantasy scene where an enormous guillotine is erected on the White House lawn and hundreds of thousands of citizens waving torches and pitchforks surround the area. Think that might get some attention? I really don't advocate such a radical solution but it is a nice fantasy sometimes.


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