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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

There may be light at the end of the tunnel

and it may not be an oncoming train.


Rove and Frist not out of the woods by a long shot

Several Republicans in the House have stood up to the Administration; enough in a few instances to derail some of the more extreme proposals.

Moderate Republicans in the Senate have asked for an end to the Iraq war and an end to torture and rendition.

Sections of the Patriot Act are being opposed; not only by Democrats but by one of the most conservative of Republicans, Bob Barr. It's a start.

The attempt to destroy Social Security hasn't been heard from in a while.

For those who pay attention to the polls, approval ratings have dropped.

In my own state's recent special election, all 8 propositions were defeated, including a couple that weren't too bad. I believe the CA electorate sent a clear message to our Governor. We don't like being pushed around and we sure didn't like spending $50,000,000. on an unnecessary election.

This is a window of opportunity and we must make the most of it.

Locally, I've been busy with Iraq candlelight vigils, civil rights, and environmental issues. We are growing much too rapidly with no real plan. Too much traffic, lousy air quality, and urban sprawl. We're few, but we're noisy. We're not anti-growth but we want that growth to benefit all.

I can't wring my hands and do nothing. If we lose, it won't be by default.

My family keeps me hopping as well. Check out the other blog sometime and you'll meet them there.

I'll try to get back here a little more often.

Welcome, incidentally, to our new commenter, Davo from Australia. The link to his blog is in the comments. Beautiful photos, some poetry, and a wonderful post on the unappreciated semicolon.



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