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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Angry chefs sue over Chicago foie gras ban - Food Inc. -

Animal Rights activists get foie gras banned; labeled cruelty to animals by the manner this delicacy is produced. Ducks and geese are force fed in order to develope the fat livers necessary to make foie gras.

Animal rights activists protest the killing of animals to use their furs as human garments. Some even protest the usage of their hides to produce leather wearables, such as shoes. Many women wearing fur products, and even fake fur garments, have been attacked and have had red paint, symbolizing blood, thrown on their expensive fur coats and stoles.

Most animal rights activists decry meat eating of any kind, averring that animals have the right not to be used as a food. Many assert that humans should be vegetarians instead of omnivores. Little by little they seek to impose their views on the public at large. I agree that animals should be treated humanely but I do not agree that a small minority of the population should be allowed to dictate to the majority .

Now they have convinced the city fathers to ban foie gras from menues. What is next?

Ban eating chicken? I had the opportunity to tour a chicken farm in Arkansas where chickens were raised to sell to the chicken packing plant in that state. The chickens were kept in hundreds of tiny wire cages with a constant food supply placed before them. Lights were kept on at night to encourage round the clock feeding by the birds. Confined to their small cages, the chickens had no life other than eating. Accustomed to the life of the free range chickens on my grandparents' farm, I felt sorry for these chickens, but my pity did not cause me to stop eating chicken. Such treatment can be viewed as inhumane, so shall we forsake eating chicken? Shall the activists get laws passed forbidding chicken as food animals? Or turkeys? Shall we have nice fried soybean mystery meat drum sticks for our picnics, or soybean loaf for Thanksgiving?

How about eggs? The egg laying hens had much the same treatment as the chickens raised for meat. The hens were confined to tiny cages with slanted ramps for the eggs to roll down to a recepticle where they were gathered by attendents. Is such confinement inhumane? Shall we be forced by law to give up eggs?

Or beef, pork, mutton? The practises of the meat industry to encourage rapid growth in meat animals must also be viewed as inhumane by activists, as well as some of the means of slaughter. Shall they be allowed to outlaw the use of these animals as food?

Should animal rights activists dictate to the American people that they should henceforth forego the consumption or usage of any animal products?

I agree that animals should be raised and butchered humanely. I do not agree that any small group should enforce their views upon the general population. Protests about inhumane treatment has brought about many changes in the treatment of animals, and that is good. Forcing the American public to become vegetarian and eat soybean imitation meat products is a crock of it. Or imitation meat from algae.

So you don't care about the ban on foie gras because you don't eat it anyway? Remember - one small step at a time and each victory inspires another, until you find yourself experiencing meatless, eggless 24/7s 365 days a year.

And I can tell you for a fact, that soybean imitation mystery meat is tolerable the first few times you eat it but after a bit you can't stand it any more. Trust me, those people who burble that it is delicious are lying. I know; I get it very often on the Meals on Wheels program for the aged and handicapped, artfully shaped into chops or steaks or patties. Our state prisoners get it too and they hate it.

So unless you are a vegetarian and if you like your eggs and meat products, you'd better care about the activists getting any of our foods banned. You'd better raise a commotion about it.

Oh yes, another thing. It is "cruel and inhumane" to force feed ducks and geese? But it is acceptible to force feed humans imprisoned in our torture factories? Are humans less valuable creatures than fowl?


  • At Wednesday, August 23, 2006 11:50:00 PM , Blogger The Future Was Yesterday said...

    A huge THANK YOU!! for drawing attention to yet another group of "terrorists" set to impose their will on everybody. And....why aren't they screaming for the death of all other animals that eat meat???

  • At Thursday, August 24, 2006 12:19:00 AM , Blogger David Cho said...

    These activists are better off pointing out the benefits of eating vegetables, hey they need a reason to scream, right?

  • At Thursday, August 24, 2006 1:51:00 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

    Nutritionists are very vocal about the benefits of fruits, vegertables, and grains in our diet, and are making headway in educating the public. More and more people respond to these healthy-life tips and are adjusting their eating habits as a result. Children are taught this in schools, making some of them more health conscious - if their parents don't ply them with junk food.

    Education is a much better way than restrictive laws that alienate the public and encourage a proliferation of black market meats. Any time a commodity is banned, it becomes more desirable and opens the market for illicit imports. (Anyone ever hear of Prohibition? Criminal imports made some people exceedingly rich; the conflict between booze smugglers made some people dead, as did some "bath tub gin" )


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