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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Presidential Election

I've been explaining, rather apologetically, to a few online and personal friends why I will vote for the Democratic candidate in the upcoming election. I went on to say that I may be holding my nose while I do it.

I'll do it because four more years of Republican control is unthinkable. The alternative, no matter how personally distasteful to me, can't possibly be worse. I have to hope that with control of 2 of the 3 branches of government, we might see some improvement. Who knows, we might even pick up a Justice along the way. If we lose because we stayed home, we'll never know.

I won't let it go by default because I'm waiting for the perfect candidate. My perfect candidate would be eaten alive.

I can't remember the last time my favorite candidate came in first in the California primary so I'll probably vote for Dennis K. if he's still in the running. Then I will throw my lukewarm support to the winner.

Nancy Gregg, writing in Democratic Underground, makes my point for me.

Posted by NanceGreggs in General Discussion: Politics
Sat Oct 06th 2007, 11:47 PM
After looking over the candidates and weighing my options and my principles, I realize that I cannot, in good conscience, vote for any of the current crop seeking election in 2008.

I don’t think it necessary to even comment on the GOP contenders. Given the events of the past six-plus years, I think it goes without saying that anyone with an (R) after their name is not worthy of consideration – despite the fact that Giuliani single-handedly saved NYC from the terrorists (albeit after-the-fact), the fact that Freddie Thompson has been established as the Great White Hope (sans applause), the fact that McCain will whup everybody’s asses (as soon as he scrounges up the bus fare to get to where those asses reside), the fact that Tancredo’s idea of threatening to bomb Islamic holy sites can’t help but convince the Middle East that our only hope is peace and understanding.

That being said, let me address the real contenders, the Democrats, and my reasons for not being able to vote for a single one of them.

In keeping with my personal principles, I cannot vote for anyone who does not agree one-hundred percent with my own views on every issue, from education to the War in Iraq, from the economy to the separation of Church and State, from mint-chip being the best flavor of ice-cream Baskin Robbins has to offer to taupe travertine tile being the only reasonable option for a front-entrance foyer. (Who doesn’t know that a neutral color is the best choice in today’s volatile resale market, I ask you?)

My vote can only be cast for the candidate who lives in a home of reasonable square-footage, who spends exactly the right amount of money on a haircut, who displays exactly the right amount of religious fervor that is not too hot, not too cold, but is just right.

My perfect candidate wears an American flag lapel pin which is positioned in exactly the right place on his/her suit jacket, which is made of politically-correct fiber and was purchased at a price that I deem to be not only acceptable, but worthy of applause.

Not only must my candidate be beyond reproach in both their public and private lives (not only currently, but from the day they were born), every person employed by their campaign, every family member, every friend they have ever had, every acquaintance they have ever known, every person on earth they have ever seen or spoken to MUST be equally free of scandal, real or imagined, and MUST be ready, willing and able to prove their innocence of any wrongdoing – whether such wrongdoing ever occurred or not.

My candidate meets my expectations in every regard, and never wavers one iota from my personal beliefs on any topic, including immigration, international diplomacy, white meat versus dark meat as the best part of the turkey, baseball versus football as the most exciting sport, or bridesmaids’ having a choice of dresses versus the bride having the final say, like it or not.

My candidate must have the right last name, the right spouse, the right number of children, the right campaign slogan, the right website, and must never have verbalized anything positive about a movie I dislike, their fondness for a vegetable I loathe, or offer anything less than a total condemnation of songs I hate, TV shows I think are dumb, or books I found totally boring and over-rated by the so-called critics.

My candidate for sainthood must be able to prove their direct involvement in at least three miracles before I can consider their beatification in furtherance of – oh, we’re not choosing candidates for sainthood? We’re discussing candidates for the presidency – among people who are flawed, less-than-perfect human beings who are capable of mistakes? People who aren’t all-knowing, all-seeing, all-everything I ever desired in a president?

Oh, I see now.



The Future Was Yesterday said...
"vote for Dennis K. if he's still in the running. Then I will throw my lukewarm support to the winner."You've been peeking at my ballot. But I agree with you. Even if we elect a "lessor" sin so to speak, we are on our way up.I can't remember the last time, when my ballot wasn't cast for the lessor of two evils...(:
Sunday, October 07, 2007 10:03:00 PM
Marty said...'ve convinced me. But one can still hope that Kucinich can move up in the polls in the coming year. If not, I'll be holding my nose and voting.
Monday, October 08, 2007 12:18:00 AM



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