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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Jenna and Not Jenna

I check in over at Farnsworth's blog almost daily (and I think we missed him on the blogroll). Oops. He writes a weekly column about the Bush twins, referred to as Jenna and not Jenna who, like most of this Administration and their relatives, have managed to avoid military service.

Since I missed him on the blog roll and I've borrowed from him more than once, I'm recommending his blog here.

The following quote ties in nicely with what Farnsworth has been saying.

Zay N. Smith - Chicago Sun-Times QT Today:

Duty calls

*Queen Elizabeth II regarding the likelihood that her grandchildren, Princes William and Harry, will see military combat duty:

"I think it is inevitable that they are going to see action of some kind, somewhere, in the not too distant future, particularly as young officers, because we are already out in Iraq and Afghanistan, and so they are open to those sorts of deployment just as everybody else is, as I was."

*President Bush regarding the likelihood that his children --

No. Wait.

The British seem to have a different system.


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