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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Beating the Fear Drum, Playing the 9-11 Card

Big H. Unlike New York City that builtUP, Houston built OUT and is a huge sprawling city. Including the small cities and towns in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area, it covers a gigantic area.

A local politician running for Congress is borrowing a page from Bush and a paragraph from Guiliani. "Be afraid, be very afraid, but I will protect you!" Um-Hum, like Bush protected us?
"9-11, 9-11, terrorist attacks, 9-11, I was the hero of that show!" Yeah, Guiliani, we heard you ad nauseum.

The Fear Factor, not what your qualifications are, not what you can REALLY do to represent the constituents (except maybe get a little pork for us?). How in the hell can you protect us by throwing taxpayer money at us? Can money prevent a False Flag operation? Can money prevent another Twin Towers tragedy, or suicide bomber in our city, or suitcase nukes detonated at key points?

The Border Patrol reports apprehending illegal "immigrant" nationals from 106 different countries, many of whom physically resemble Hispanics (who are breaking our laws to come here "seeking a better life"). How many foreign nationals get through and aren't caught? Homeland Security hassles us at airports, taps our phones, snoops into our internet doings but does not and cannot stop potential terrorists from crossing our porous borders. How will a little pork for Houston stop them?

I liked this jerk when he first appeared on the Congressional ballot. UNTIL he became active and I saw his campaign strategy and read his position on issues. He wants to continue the wars; he wants the tax cuts to the ultra rich continued. I don't like his campaign strategy at all.

This is Houston district politician but if he is elected to Congress he can affect the entire USA - including YOU.

..............................................Klock's Billboard................

Feb. 25, 2008, 11:48PM

Campaign ad evoking 9/11 sparks debate
Klock, candidate for District 22, taps terrorism 'threat'


Copyright 2008 Houston Chronicle
A hellish fire menaces downtown Houston in congressional candidate Brian Klock's new campaign billboard. Seen through a gun sight, a container ship and a petrochemical plant sit in the foreground as fat targets for terrorists.

And on Klock's new Web site, actual news video shows the second hijacked plane slamming into the World Trade Center in New York. [Fear! Terror! Right here in little ol' Houston! But Klock will don his Superman suit and save us! Right!]

Reaction was as mixed Monday as Klock's use of fictional and factual death scenes as he brought the politics of 9/11 into the 10-candidate race for the Republican nomination against Democratic U.S. Rep. Nick Lampson.

"I don't want to scare people," said Klock, a Navy Reserve intelligence officer. "I want to make them aware and prepared (for terrorist attacks)," he said. "Showing Houston in flames is reminding them there is a threat," he added. "What we wanted to do is project mayhem."

Klock emphasized that he has experience reviewing intelligence about would-be terrorists capable of targeting NASA or Houston's port and petrochemical industry, and that in Congress he would work to get extra protection for the Houston area.

Remainder of this hoopla is found at


[WA: Anyone with the IQ of a gnat knows very well that our fair city is a prime target for a terrorist attack, whether for real or a False Flag operation (give Bushco an excuse for martial law and stomping the government's heel on the back of our necks - and to attack Iran). A terroristic attack would be crippling; Houston is a ripe plum for attacks.

Houston's economy is broad based : industrial= energy,manufacturing, aeronautics, engineering services and technology. Only New York City is home to more Fortune 500 headquarters. The metropolitan area Gross Area Product (GAP) is larger than Austria's, Poland's and Saudi Arabia's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Only 21 nations have a GDP greater than Houston's regional GAP. It is the leading center for building oil field equipment. It produces 25% of the nation's gasoline. (That's 1/4th of the gasoline you put in your vehicle!)

Houston's port ranks 1st in the U.S. in international waterborne tonnage handled and 2nd in total cargo tonnage handled. It is the 10th largest in the world. Ours is a 50 mile inland port serviced by a single waterway and very vulnerable to damage that would affect the city, state and nation's economy in drastic ways.

Part of Houston's port. Lots of storage facilities to fuel flames of an attack.

A vast petrochemical complex lies cheek to jowl to the port and extends for miles near the waterway and adjacent freeway and near heavily populated areas. Some of those huge tanks contain incredibly toxic substances and about everything along the strip of petrochemical industries is explosive. Properly placed charges would ignite them like a row of dominoes, inflicting untold damage and deaths. Because of the proximity to the port/ship channel, two birds could be killed with one stone. Numerous other petrochemical industries are located in the greater houston metropolitan areas.


A small section of the petrochemical industries. HUGE storage tanks full of dangerous products.

Houston is among the 10th most populous metro areas in the U.S.

Johnson Space Center (NASA) is within the greater metropolitan area at Nassau Bay; the Mission Control facility is located there.


Main building Johnson Space Center.

The Texas Medical Center in Houston has the world's largest concentration of healthcare and research institutions . Damage to it would sharply reduce medical aid to victims in the event of a terrorist attack. Victims would have to be shuttled to smaller hospitals in the city and outlying areas.

Texas Medical Center, Houston

There is no public transportation system in Houston other than busses. Downtown has metro trains but they do not serve the city main. Houston has an interlocking spider web of freeways (called "spaghetti bowls") and the major source of transportation is personal automobiles. Wrecking major freeways would divert traffic through surface streets and create traffic jams from hell. Most younger citizens or transplants are ignorant of surface routes.

One small serving of Houston's Spaghetti Bowl

So yes, Mr. Klock, we Houstonians are cognizant of our vulnerability and of the bullseye target painted on our city. Do we have fears? Ofcourse! We aren't stupid! But you do a disservice to beat the Fear Drum, trying to create a panic situation just to get yourself elected to Congress with false promises that you can serve to protect us. That's as big a load of bull crap as that which Bush has been lying about for years. You, Sir, are a dishonorable charlatan.

Excerpt from article:
"Klock said the area's congressman should make sure the government tracks cargo coming to Houston from overseas, keeps a jet fighter squadron at Ellington Field to respond to any threats, tightens border security to keep terrorists out and funds local security projects to the maximum."

1). track cargo: Cargo origin is a matter of record. Considering the size of the port and the tonnage it handles, inspecting cargo for terroristic materials or devices would be financially astronomical and unfeasible.

2). The DOD shut down much of Ellington Field and moved our F-16 fighter squadron elsewhere in spite of tremendous objections to a move that would leave a very important target city and area vulnerable. They left 2 - count them -TWO planes to "protect" the vast area comprising the Greater Houston Metropolitan area. The DOD promised that in the event of an emergency, fighter planes could be deployed to the Houston area. Yeah, right! The DOD is NOT going to give us back our planes and you are full of it to pretend that you can get them to. Anyway, how can planes protect us against a land/surface based attack? (And oh yes, we do have the Coast Guard Rescue helicopters at Ellington. )

3). Tighten Border Security to keep terrorists out? That elicits a sardonic laugh. Border Secuity is a joke, like a sieve. The government talks on both sides of its mouth about that but in reality it WANTS the "immigrants" for cheap labor and to kiss Mexico's butt. Also, it is a pre-emptive move for mass "immigration" when they push through the North American Union plot to open national borders to one nation of Mexico, America, and Canada.

4). You MIGHT get funding (pork) for local security projects as that would enrich the businesses involved in the project and BushCo is very favorable to enriching businesses. Such a move would probably result in more compromising of our freedoms, more racial profiling and targeting our ethnic citizens and legal immigrants.

You, sir, are a fearmonger and a LIAR, just like BUSH! I do not like you, I do not trust nor respect you, and I will not vote for you.

Why, oh why, couldn't we have a Kucinchi on OUR district?

Blogger The Future Was Yesterday said...

I'd rather go to hell than Houston. Hell's less polluted.

It did my old heart good to see Rudi Fear bite the dust!

Thursday, March 06, 2008 7:00:00 PM

Blogger Gadfly said...

He's a cheesy a$$hat. His bio sounds good but his campaign and position on issues is crap.

Friday, March 07, 2008 5:26:00 AM

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