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Monday, November 20, 2006

Is Someone Peeking in YOUR Window??

People of mine and Granny's generation and history buffs are well aware of J.Edgar's insatiable and notorious appetite for information on people. The FBI files accumulated under his reign contained facts, gossip, innuendo, hints and suspicions in a hodge podge of relevant and irrelevant information on thousands or hundreds of thousands people, many just ordinary folks. For some reason J. Edgar was obsessed about knowing the most mundane details of people's lives. Now we seem to have a security arm of the government with even greater obsessions and accumulation of files.
Check out this partial list of people in the FBI files. Egads!...WA

Courtesy of Steve Bass at PC World:
Dig This: I'm sure you knew the Federal Bureau of Investigation has files on Al Capone and the American Communist Party. But I was surprised by the jackets on the U.S. Supreme Court, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, J.F.K., and George Orwell. Browse this list of files released under the Freedom of Information Act and be amazed:


Can you believe it? Norman Rockwell, Geo. S Patton, Harry S. Truman, the VFW ?? And oh no! NOT John Wayne, the the all-American icon of patriotism and fierce defender of mom, the flag, and apple pie! And Arturo Toscanini?? Merciful days!


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