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Friday, May 29, 2009

Anal Poisoning? A Pandemic Looming on the Horizon -

An Epidemic of Anal Poisoning
MAY 20, 2009 5:29PM
Anal Poisoning. An Epidemic

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Last Friday, I was blissfully reading an article by one of my favorite columnists, Joan Walsh at, when I came across the name of a disease that I hadn’t heard of before. Obviously quite a serious disease as apparently many people are going to die of it.

The disease is “anal poisoning.”

Since English is an acquired language to me, I wrote it off to unfamiliarity with the language and asked my doctor friend, a pathologist, about it. He had never observed this phenomenon in his “patients,” nor was he familiar with the term, although he mentioned that mercury or arsenic when inserted into the proper place might produce such results.

Well, my next place for such research was, of course, Google.
And, lo and behold, there were 15,000 references for “anal poisoning.”

I thought that I had hit the mother lode on this perilous medical condition. But to my surprise, every one of the references I looked at—I stopped after about the 400th entry—was somehow related to that famous entertainer (some refer to him as the de facto leader of the GOP), Rush Limbaugh.

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